Non-Surgical Approach

Athlete Specific Diagnosis and Treatment

The goal for athlete care is to decrease pain and improve function, so that they can safely get back to their activities. Approximately 90% of all musculoskeletal and sports related injuries are non-surgical. After a thorough evaluation of your condition, the physician will develop the best treatment plan which is sometimes referring to an orthopedic surgeon.

Everyday Joint Pain

Sports Medicine Physicians do not JUST treat athletes, they also treat conditions that nearly every individual will experience at some point in their life. If you suffer from acute injuries (ankle sprains, muscle strains, knee/shoulder/back injuries, simple fractures), overuse or repetitive strains, or degenerative injuries (i.e. arthritis, rotator cuff and other forms of tendonitis, stress fractures), a Sports Medicine Physician can evaluate and treat your condition with a variety of therapies.

Dr. James P. Alex

Board Certified sports medicine Physician & regenerative medicine specialist

What is Board Certified Sports Medicine? 

Board Certified Sports Medicine Physicians receive higher education for an average of 10-15 years. Primary Care Sports Medicine physicians practice non-surgical musculoskeletal care. Our team can help patients determine whether their condition requires surgery or can be managed by other types of treatment.

While some sports medicine physicians practice surgery for tendons, ligaments, or joints, primary care sports medicine is non-surgical care. Non-surgical orthopedic care involves:

  • Comprehensive care for the active individuals which includes diagnosis and treatment of activity resulting in injury or illness.
  • Comprehensive care for non-active individuals with joint pain
  • Comprehensive care for individuals with overuse hobbies or careers
  • Specific education of the principles of athletic conditioning
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Nutritional guidance to build strength and endurance in support of athletic performance

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