What is Non-Surgical Sports Orthopedics?

Non-surgical, also called non-operative, orthopedics is specialty field of medicine that uses minimally invasive procedures to treat the onset of pain in common sports injuries. These injuries could have occurred while on the job, working out, or performing repetitive movements. Algone’s providers believe in the principle of conservation.. if surgery isn’t absolutely necessary, the providers won’t recommend it. Us Alaskans are busy and it can often be difficult to get time off work for recovery, time to go to physical therapy, and time spent “taking it easy” after a surgery. Surgery shouldn’t be your first choice, and Algone’s doctors are here to help.

Algone’s providers consult with you regarding your area of pain, diagnose the condition and treat the condition with the least invasive option available. Conditions that Algone’s providers treat include: carpal tunnel, jumper’s knee/ patellar tendonitis, De Quervain’s tenosynovitis, epicondylitis, mallet finger, sprains and strains, tendon injuries, trigger finger, knee injuries, tendonitis, ACL injury, arthritis, fracture/ stress fracture, AC joint shoulder separation, bursitis, impingement of the shoulder, rotator cuff syndrome, peroneal tendon injury, plantar fasciitis, and much much more.

Our Wasilla and Anchorage locations are fully equipped with ultrasound diagnostic imaging, C-Arm imaging (live x-ray), procedure rooms, and a dedicated staff to help you relieve your pain.

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