Is my back pain the cause of my leg pain?

Has your back been stiff and painful? Maybe only every now and then, then it goes away, but now you’re experiencing pain in your thigh, buttock or legs? 

If so, you may be suffering from sciatic nerve pain. Sciatic nerve pain is mostly caused by a herniated disc, degenerative discs or spinal stenosis. The great news is that sciatic pain can sometimes go away on it’s own. With proper stretching, exercise, alternating cold and hear pack, and taking anti-inflammatory medications. The not so great news is that if it persists over 2 months, you may need to come see a professional. Here at Algone, we focus on diagnosing your condition early on, so that major surgery or chronic pain does not develop. Our providers are here to help and specialize in minimally invasive (meaning little to no down time and small incisions) procedures to alleviate the symptoms you are having.


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