Halloween Safety Tips!

This Halloween, make sure you and your family are safe by following a couple quick and easy guidelines!

  1. This time of year it starts to get dark, FAST! Keeping flashlights and reflective tape/ gear on hand is a great way to help prevent accidents. On average, twice as many child pedestrians are killed while walking compared to other days of the year! 
  2. Children under the age of 12 should be accompanied by a parent. On average, 70% of parents don’t trick or treat with their kids.
  3. Try an alternative to candles. 13 million dollars worth of property damage is caused each Halloween by fires. 
  4. Prepare your pets for the visitors and noise. Keep in mind that some people are allergic to common pets such as dogs and cats and it might be easiest to keep a sign outside, or place your pets in a safe room, kennel, or fenced area.
  5. Talk to your children about Halloween safety, including but not limited to: getting rides with strangers, looking both ways before crossing a road, using sidewalks and crosswalks when permitted, safe areas, the buddy system, etc. It is important to communicate with your kids (at any age) the safety precautions that should be taken. Only 35% of parents talk to their children about it each year and 14% have never talked to their children about Halloween Safety. We hope you and your family have a HAPPY and SAFE Halloween! 
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