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Chronic Pain and Stigma: Infographic

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 18, 2017 8:47:39 PM / by Eileen Patterson

Eileen Patterson

The Good Body is a a health related website containing research, case studies, reviews and product analyses.  They recently compiled information from several sources, including the CDC and NIH, and created a useful infographic (included below).

What is particularly interesting is how only 15% of chronic pain sufferers (pain warriors) actually seek care from doctors who specialize in pain! Why not??


Unfortunately, the overprescribing of pain medications has contributed to the opioid epidemic devastating our country and others around the world.  Many patients now have an understandable, albeit unfair, hesitation and distrust towards those practicing pain management.  

So if you have chronic pain, according to these statistics, you're likely NOT in treatment with a pain management specialist.  And we get it.  We understand.  But just like any field, there are the good, the bad, and the ugly.  

Consider cosmetic surgery.  We've all seen the terrifying results of a nose job gone bad -  (Botched, anyone?!) - would we ever NOT ask for referrals, or search for testimonials on a plastic surgeon before we started to count backward from 100?

Don't be part of the 85% that is too stuck by stigma.  Take control of your healthcare, be the pain warrior you are, and start asking around your area for the best specialists in pain management!


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