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Multidisciplinary Mindset

Interventional Pain
Interventional Pain Center
We currently have four fellowship-trained interventional pain management doctors, and one doctor certified in battlefield acupuncture.  All of our providers continually seek new training and keep up to speed with the latest procedures.  Ask our providers about these treatment options:  Coolief* - a cooled radiofrequency ablation procedure, as well as Nevro - a High Frequency spinal cord stimulator.  We believe in real healing, but we also understand sometimes pharmacotherapy is effective and appropriate to manage pain that won't go away.  It's about communication, and helping our patients live the life they love.
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Dependency Therapy Center
Some medications that are highly effective treating pain, also come with risk of physical dependency, and sometimes even addiction.  Our addiction specialist and her team treat alcohol dependency and use Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Dependency (MAT for OUD).  We also carry the BRIDGE medical device, which has revolutionized medication-assisted detox.  The BRIDGE works through neuro-stimulation, and is an auricular peripheral nerve field stimulator that connects topically to the patient’s ear, blocking pain signals from getting through the brain.
Regenerative Medicine logo
Regenerative Medicine Center
When it comes to stem cell and platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) therapy, it can be difficult to navigate through all of the information.  Without a regulatory body, regenerative medicine is like the Wild West.  Fortunately, Regenexx® has taken on a lot of those responsibilities and has patents on the world's best protocols.  Even more fortunately, Regenexx® treatments are available right here in Alaska, ONLY at Algone!
Medical Group of Alaska
Continuum of Care
As a proud member of the Medical Group of Alaska, we share costs with other healthcare divisions and are able to pass on that savings to our patients.  This sharing of services also improves the continuum of care, allowing our patients to receive a variety of services within the same system.  

What's in a Slogan?

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Our team at Algone is just like you.  We tuck our kids in, we Netflix and chill, and we drink (A LOT) of coffee.  But we INSPIRE each other every day with our ideas, our hard work, and our love for our patients.  We hope we can inspire our community as well!
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Education and support are behind everything we do.  In addition to procedures, medication regimens, and referrals to non-traditional specialists, we believe it is critical to EMPOWER our patients and each other to become our best selves.
From bad to good
Whether you've been trying to cope with your pain for a few weeks or a few years, it takes courage to try something new.  So be brave, be honest, and give it everything you've got.  Because there IS hope, and you are just one consultation away from starting your wellness journey!

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