Regenerative Medicine for Pain Relief and Joint Regeneration


Regenerative medicine is now available in Alaska and can effectively reduce and even eliminate the pain without surgery or addictive medications. This seminar is designed to help you make an informative decision whether you are a good candidate or not. Regenerative Medicine may not be for everyone, and the Physician will answer all of the questions you would may have. 

Why you should attend:

  • You suffer from joint, arthritis, sports injury, or soft tissue damage.

  • You want an alternative to surgery or other traditional pain treatments/ medications.

  • You want to learn about a treatment option that's focused on fixing the problem, not masking the symptoms.

  • You want to get back to doing your daily work/ personal activities quickly and easily as possible. 

What you'll learn:

  • The latest scientific developments in regenerative medicine for orthopedic & nervous conditions

  • How regenerative medicine could be a safer and more effective option

  • How to get out of pain and avoid surgery or downtime

  • How regenerative medicine works and the different types of treatments available.

  • Are you a good candidate?