Algone Alaska strives to offer a collaborative approach to health and wellness by providing integrated and comprehensive healthcare.

Our services include Interventional Pain Management procedures, Regenerative Medicine procedures, Dependency Therapy and Physical Therapy. 

Spine and Joint Pain Wasilla

Interventional Pain is a specialty field of medicine that relieves chronic and acute pain through a variety of minimally invasive therapies. The overall goal is to decrease the patient’s pain and increase their function. These therapies are used to diagnose, treat and potentially heal the source of pain. Algone’s providers are highly trained and experienced in the field of pain management and offer the latest techniques available.

Stem cell and platelet rich plasma

Have you been told the only way to resolve your spine or joint pain, is medications or surgery? Well, think again. Regenerative Medicine uses cutting edge therapeutic techniques to naturally treat and heal the cause of painful spine and joint conditions. Regenerative therapies stimulate and accelerate your body’s natural ability to heal itself.  The most effective therapies include stem cell and platelet rich plasma injections.

Dependency Therapy Addiction treatmentMedication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Opioid Use Dependency is the “bridge” from opioid dependency  to sobriety. Medication Assisted Treatment presents the best chance for a successful recovery from opioid use disorders. These therapies help curb withdrawal symptoms and cravings, which then help release a person from the bondage of dependency on opioids. Algone currently offers two therapies for MAT. 

Empower PT Logo
Physical therapy is a form of physical medicine used to treat many conditions, injuries, or illnesses as an alternative to traditional medication. At our Anchorage and Wasilla physical therapy clinics,  we treat many patients that experience pain or limitations that may be causing the inability to work or enjoy their life to the fullest.