Algone AthletiCore Bootcamp

The Algone Athleti-Core Program is a strength and conditioning program for high school and college athletes. This program will meet 2 times per week and offers both off season and in-season training.

We will meet at Mat-Su CrossFit, our community partner and training facility. The training will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30PM.

AthletiCore Training Bootcamp

Every Tuesday & Thursday at 6:30 for 10 weeks


PHASE 1: FOCUS-STRENGTH TRAINING, Build the athletes confidence in their ability.

PHASE 2: FOCUS-BUILDING SPEED, QUICKNESS & AGILITY, The main focus is developing power and acceleration through transfer training from strength to speed and agility.

PHASE 3: FOCUS-SPEED ENDURANCE, This phase focuses on physical and mental conditioning, training the athlete to outlast the competition.

The Athleti-Core Program is scheduled around the high school athletic season. We offer Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter programs to fit each athlete’s needs. The athlete will work through the program over the course of 10 weeks. They will participate in 60-minute group sessions. Athletes will have access to all the group fitness classes held at our training facility, as their membership is included in the package price. Athletes are also welcome to train individually at our training facility. Athletes and parents will be welcome to attend educational classes throughout the program, to discuss preventative medicine as well as athletic nutrition.

Space is limited, call or email to enroll!!


Personal Trainer, Athletic Development

and Nutrition Health Specialist

907-373-9460 ext. 185